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A Lifetime As A Small Dog Mom

Hiya, Iā€™m looking forward to meeting you and your floof very soon!

As a former Dog Mom myself, I have cared for and loved my own crew of three little Yorkies (Pacha, Suzi & Chevy) for 18 years. In their senior years all my kiddos had their own special needs from restrictive diets, medication, dementia, mobility problems, and vision loss. I said goodbye to each of my crew in 2019, 2020 & 2022. With each of them living to about 16 years old, I was incredibly lucky to have so much four-legged love in my world.

  • Because of my lifetime of Yorkie love, I am well-accustomed to handling high-need pooches with specific feeding requirements, medications, and frequent potty breaks. I know every tiny dog has their quirks & I'm ready for it!

    After over a year and a half providing top-notch care for pups from my home in Victoria BC, I am excited to have moved back to my hometown of Portage la Prairie.

    My new property comes equipped with large spaces inside and out, including about 200ft of fully fenced in backyard to contain all your pooches' zoomies!

  • As a mature, responsible and trustworthy dog sitter I understand the importance of having all the necessary information about your pet.

    That's why when completing your booking form we will always ask for your vet's information, any food restrictions, treats allowances, vaccinations and anything that may trigger any anxiety (like the evil vacuum).

    I also appreciate knowing about your dog's quirks and preferences so they can have the best time possible with me at the Lucky Pups Club.

  • Being a self-employed individual who works from home full time, I can offer nonstop attention and companionship for your furry family member.

    I am available around the clock and can prioritize your dog's schedule throughout the day (and night!)

    My 2500 sqft fully air conditioned home is in located on a quiet corner with an enormous fully fenced backyard that backs onto a beautiful meadow.

    We have all the necessary amenities to ensure your dog has a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

    - Alexandra

  • Food & Water Bowls
    Pet Beds
    Pee Pads
    Doggie Steps (2)
    4 x Kennels
    Puppy Blankets
    Brushes & Pet Shampoo

  • Toy Box with Tiny Toys
    GPS Light Up Collars
    Spare Leashes
    Spare Harness (Size XS/SM)
    Poop Bags
    Doggie Backpack Carrier

  • All you will need is your pup, food, medication, and maybe a favorite toy for familiarity!

    I look forward to receiving your request and booking our first meet and greet!

  • Fully Fenced Yard

  • Dogs Allowed On Furniture

  • Senior Experience

  • Special Needs Experience

  • Non-Smoking Household

  • No Children or Cats Present

  • Oral & Injected Medication Administration


Years Experience


Lucky Pups Club Members
  • 20 Years Experience

  • Fully Insured

  • Licensed

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